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Multi-country genetic evaluation

Linked to breeding program design and simulation of genetic gains

Professional development

Linked to talent and technology incubation

Advocacy and awareness and business development

Linked to livestock genetic improvement and circular bio-economy

Collaboration, networking and partnerships

Linked to strong and long-term engagements between variant parties

Our Goal

To drive the development and dissemination of livestock improved genetics and broader genetic improvement solutions in Africa

News and Trends

Latest news

Follow our latest news and thoughts which focuses exclusively on African Animal Breeding Network

The Launch of The African Animal Breeding Network (AABNet)

May 18, 2021

Livestock development in Africa remains a key driver of socio-economic transformation and resilience in farming communities for Africa. This development...

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Toggenburg and Saanen Bucks are Comparable in Performance but Toggenburg Bucks Better for Artificial Insemination

May 19, 2021

Tropical goat breeds are well adapted to their native environment in terms of traits such as disease resistance, heat resistance...

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Our Mandate

The AABNet is mandated to address the following main challenges:

design of breeding programs to support genetic improvement in complex livestock production systems

the limited and ineffective human and technical capacity

modern livestock genetic evaluation schemes (including guidance and advise on the importation of exotic germplasms

Our Vision

A long-term vision of AABNet is linked to its bold ambition to become unique platform of highly knowledgeable animal breeders and influential professionals with the capacity to provide exceptional support and advice on animal genetics and livestock improvement across the continent.

2020 Publication

In addition to the numerous scientific publications that are published each year communicating the outputs of its research, The African Animal Breeding Network also produces reports and publications to promote its work to non scientific audiences. Here is our 2020 Publication!.

Write to us

Our Partners

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